Creating Your Own Brand – Some Branding Mistakes to Avoid

No matter whether a business is small or big, branding is a critical component to success. However, often owners commit some common mistakes that mar the entire branding campaign. Let us look at some of the branding mistakes organizations must avoid.

Confusing branding with logos and taglines

Often owners confuse branding with logos and taglines. While these are important brand elements, they are not everything. Professional branding is not only about developing attractive logos and catchy taglines. It is about communicating the right message to the target audience. Companies must decide what feelings they want their customers to evoke when they buy their product.

Diluted message

In an effort to fit everything into a single product, companies dilute the brand message. This happens especially during the addition of a product or service to an existing line. When a brand message is diluted, consumers are not sure of what they are getting.

Creating a brand without involving people from the organization

In other words, it is simply the process of creating a brand in a vacuum. For effective results, companies must involve people from within the organization and take their opinion. Owners must organize brand workshops to involve all the people within the organization. Branding involves a gamut of people – designers, visualizers, copywriters and marketing executives – and, therefore, their opinion counts.

Unaware of one’s strengths

Branding experts point out that many companies try to appeal to customers with limited resources. This can backfire and the entire campaign can be thrown off tracks. Organizations must be aware of their strengths and take up activities accordingly. Hence, professional brand management companies evaluate the strength of their clients before undertaking any campaign.

Failure to deliver what the brand promises

This can surely spell doom for a business. Branding experts advise that organizations must deliver what their brand promises, despite all difficulties. A great deal of effort is required to live up to brand expectations. Organizations must ensure that their marketing and customer service matches the brand message.

No regular monitoring of the brand

Today one can easily infringe a brand. Therefore, it is vital to monitor the brand regularly. Through web analytics, social media and other tools companies must keep an eye on their brand. To stay competitive in the market, companies must find out if others are spreading negative messages about them.

Ignoring competitors

Since the market is quite competitive, companies can ignore competitors at their own peril. A firm can learn a lot from its competitors in terms of their approach, language and communication channels.

Brittney Herbert

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