July 17, 2024


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How to Organize a Social Entrepreneurship Conference

How to Organize a Social Entrepreneurship Conference

A social entrepreneurship conference can help change-makers meet with each other, establish new networks and hear encouraging stories of other folks who are changing the world wherever they are. If you are planning to organize this kind of conference, be prepared to do several things.

Set a theme. The theme should be based on the objectives you came up with. In the first place, why organize a conference like this? What will differentiate it from the other conferences available in your area? If there’s no such thing in your area, then you have the first mover advantage and you are bound to attract a lot of talent from your community.

Identify the topics you want covered. When you know your objectives and you have set the theme, you can easily identify the topics that will be covered in the conference. If your target audiences are newbies, then you can come up with introductory courses or talks that would help them launch their social enterprises. If they are already veterans in the field, then offer new ways for them to improve and learn something new.

Look for speakers. Based on your topic, look for the speakers who can really motivate and help your participants grow as social entrepreneurs. Track record is important so that the participants will know that your conference is one of the best out there. Theory is great, but seeing it in practice is even better.

Arrange the venue. Look for a suitable venue for your conference. This will depend on the size of your audience. Will you need breakout rooms? Workshop area? A place for networking and chatting? What is your budget? Take these things into account as you look for the venue.

Secure vendors and providers. Look for those who will provide food, materials, and other things you will need for the conference. Don’t just settle for cheap price. Rather, look for reasonable, yet quality rates. If you just settle for cheap, you may save money but the feedback for your conference may also be cheapened. Some people are willing to pay extra for the amenities that they can enjoy.

Scout for sponsors. A lot of people are willing to support your endeavor. You just need to look for them and engage them. Tell them about your project. Let them know how they can help. You will be surprised at their willingness to give a helping hand.

Promote. Lastly, don’t forget to promote your conference like crazy! Ask members of the media to cover your event, let them know why you are doing it. Tell them of the impact of this social entrepreneurship conference.