July 17, 2024


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Internet Marketing Secrets That Can Make You Rich

Internet Marketing Secrets That Can Make You Rich

Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed- The power of the audio interview is, what I think, the best way to sell a product. Here is why. The interview format is tried and true. We’re all conditioned to it. From the news anchors on the news, to Oprah, to Larry King, to all those zoo shows like with Montel, they’re all interview shows.

So when you’re providing audio interviews to someone it’s not like you’re providing them anything that’s foreign to them or that’s uncomfortable; they’re so comfortable with it. Everyone’s heard interviews, they know what it’s about and they know it’s a way to get content and a way for content to be delivered. So because it’s comfortable I think it’s easier to get that information into people’s head.

And that’s in an audio format and the same thing would go if it was a written sales letter. You can have a sales letter that’s nothing but question, answer, question, answer. You see that all over the internet. A lot of sites have questions and answer sites because they’re valuable.

So the next time you want to come up with a new way to sell your product or your service, consider having someone interview you and record it and provide that recording to your prospect. Then you will have a way to sell to one on money rather than one on one.

It’s almost like you have been able to duplicate yourself. And when you combine the ability to distribute that interview on the net, you now have a way to get your sales message to anyone in the world for free.