Sports Marketing As an Effective Branding Tool

One of the most effective branding tools available today is a good sports marketing strategy. Sports marketing is the art of transferring the passion fans have for a sport to your brand name. It’s not always easy, but it can work for you if you follow some general rules.

Affiliate Your Company With A Sport Or Team

An effective branding campaign means more than printing t-shirts for your employees to wear at sporting events. And it’s not just about buying advertising space on billboards at your local ballpark. An effective campaign is one that truly causes fans to feel passion toward your product or service. Your marketing goal is to trigger something inside consumers to make them feel like they have no choice but to do business with you, because they actually feel passion toward your business.

The best branding efforts are ones that closely link your brand name with a particular sports team or a sport in general. Why? True sports fans passionately love their teams and will do anything to show it. They believe they are part of the team and that they can actually will their team to win. You want your brand to be mentioned right alongside the team every chance you get to grab some of this passion and fan ownership.

Sports Marketing Techniques

Depending on your marketing budget, you can buy your way into having your product or service mentioned alongside your local sports teams. Sponsorship costs often depend on the team’s popularity. For example, the Chicago Bears cost more to sponsor than a minor league team in Decatur, Illinois.

The larger the fan base and the more passion the fans have, the more effective a marketing campaign can be. One effective branding strategy is to find the team or sport with the fan base you want to target for potential customers and to invest your company’s dollars into advertising with that organization. The goal is to have your company name or brand seen right alongside their name every chance you get-on TV commercials, radio ads, billboards, t-shirts, ball caps and event programs. You want the fans to closely affiliate their passion for their team with their passion for your company.

Post-Game Marketing Opportunities

Another effective branding technique is to convince the fans to shop with your company immediately following a game. Some companies place advertisements on the backside of ticket stubs. For example, if the local team wins or scores a certain number of points, the advertisement encourages fans to come to their store and get something for free or at a sizable discount. However, if you are considering this tactic, just make sure your company can handle an increase of business in the couple hours following a game.

With planning, advertising dollars, and follow-through, sports marketing can be a very effective tool. If you carefully consider the target audience and choose promotions that complement your firm’s products and services, you can use sports marketing to capture an untapped, loyal customer base.

Brittney Herbert

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