June 24, 2024


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Why Great Leadership Is About VERACITY

There are some who seek to become leaders. because of perceived power and/ or authority. Others do so, because of a sense of responsibility, and a personal desire to serve others, in a meaningful manner. Although there are many factors, which might eventually determine, whether one becomes a great leader, or not, the bottom line, is one must focus on, and demand VERACITY, of himself, if he wishes to lead, in a meaningful way! According to Oxford Dictionary, veracity is defined as conforming to truthfulness; accuracy; habitual truthfulness. However, since we often perceive ourselves, differently than others view us, this short article, will use the mnemonic approach, to provide some sort of guideline, or metrics, to make us more able to understand, and measure, whether we are ready, able and fit, to lead, in this essential area.

1. Views; virtue; vision: Will you openly and honestly express your views, and article your reasoning? Regardless of how others might behave, will you proceed, in a virtuous way, consistently? Do you possess a vibrant, vital vision, which you believe, will make an important difference and change, fot the better? Why do you believe these things?

2. Empathy; excellence; explains: True leadership must be about serving the needs of others, rather than being self – serving! Will you effectively listen, and learn, so you may become a true, empathetic leader? Will you consistently seek excellence, or, accept being mediocre? How well a leader explains himself, goes a long way, towards whether, or not, others, will listen, follow, and/ or, buy – into your vision!

3. Real; relevant; reach: Always follow the edict, to keep it real! One must seek to be consistently relevant, rather than merely busy – looking! How can anyone get through to others, as a leader must, if he is not able, or willing, to reach out to them, and truly communicate?

4. Attitude; attention; accuracy: Remember, it often takes quite a long time, to get others to trust you, but one slip – up, often loses their faith, forever! Think before you speak, and/ or act, so you emphasize accuracy! Proceed with a positive, can – do attitude, but without empty platitudes, or rose – colored glasses! How will you gain the attention of those you serve, in a positive, uplifting, significant way?

5. Character; clarity: Constituents will eventually discover a potential leader’s true character, so be consistent, reliable, positive and good! Don’t proceed with fuzzy – vision, but rather emphasize clarity and integrity!

6. Intuition; investigate; initiative; ideas; integrity: Develop your skills, so you possess the intuition, to lead properly! Investigate and consider the possibilities, options and alternatives, with an open – mind! It is not leading, to simply do the same – old, same – old, so be ready, willing and able, to take the initiative, and show the way! Become a person of ideas, rather than just one – of – the – pack! Always maintain your commitment to absolute integrity!

7. Truth; trust; timely: There is no such thing, as alternative truth! Either you are truthful, or you lack integrity! Trust is to br obtained by how you behave and act, and not because of a title, office, or because you want it! Forget the petty stuff, and prioritize timely action!

8. Yes; you: Will you say yes, to progress and action, while lesser people hem and haw? The most important thing to remember, is, it’s about how you proceed and behave!

Even though far too many in leadership positions, fail to abide by a quality level of behavior and integrity, true leaders must possess the VERACITY, if they wish to make a worthwhile difference! How will you proceed, and behave?