Custom Pools Vs Stock Pools – A Comparison

Are you looking for a unique pool design that will really stand out in your neighborhood? Custom pools fit the bill. Unlike stock designs that are cookie-cutter in appearance and look like everyone else’s on the block, custom designs offer much more flexibility in design that allows you to let your creative juices flow; you are limited solely by the bounds of your imagination in creating an oasis in your backyard with a custom pool. Custom designed pools are better than stock designs because:

• They offer you the opportunity to be totally in charge of the design of your backyard oasis. Your design can take on a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, if you would like to have a large water body with infinity (invisible) edges, shaped like a fish – you can make it happen! A stock design cannot compete with that!

• Customized pools offer you the ability to defeat challenges in your geographical location. For illustration, if your lawn has a unique slope, a custom designed pool can be tailored to offset the problem. A pool like this can be designed for tight spaces, too, that will allow you to take advantage of every inch of space on your property, no matter how small.

• Custom made pools are engineered to allow for the addition of other features that a stock pool cannot support. For example, if you want a waterfall in your pool or want one end of the pool to have a beach entrance for your elderly parents, you can achieve that with a customized pool design.

• With a custom made design you get a more distinct appearance that is hard to replicate. Look around your neighborhood and surrounding community; it is likely that you will see hundreds of pools that are basically the same – some may be rectangular or kidney shaped – others may be oval – but they have one thing in common – someone else has one just like them. A custom pool is usually one-of-a-kind.

• Pools designed to your specifications are durable. When you invest in a custom pool, you are going the extra mile to ensure the best of both worlds – durability and beauty.

• Custom pools are a good investment. In most neighborhoods, the installation of a custom pool can really increase your property value, becoming a good selling point if you ever put your home on the market. In fact, many people report recouping most or all of the money that they spent on their custom pools when they decided to sell.

A lot of unique thought processes go into the creation of custom pools that make them stand out. A skilled swimming pool designer and installer can help you turn your vision of the perfect pool into a reality.

Brittney Herbert

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