July 17, 2024


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How to Get the Best Stock Investment Newsletter

How to Get the Best Stock Investment Newsletter

There are so many stock investment newsletters on the market today vying for your attention that it can be difficult to separate one from another, especially when reading their sales letters which all seem to promise to turn you into a millionaire. After heavily relying on this technology for several years, I’ve put the following tips together for picking out the very best stock investment newsletter for realizing your own individual financial independence.

First, think about a newsletter like any other purchase which you would make. This means that you’ll want it to have a money back guarantee on it. This enables you to receive a handful of stock picks first hand risk-free without risking a dime. Also, you should be wary of any publisher who doesn’t guarantee your satisfaction in this way, so make sure it has at least terms of a few weeks in place.

Next, stay away from the free stock investment newsletters altogether. I don’t say this because I’m trying to sell you something but because the free newsletters are typically scams run by one person who invests in a stock and then sends out that pick to as many people as he can while enjoying the benefits of high-volume trading which results from his pick.

Finally, look for the stock investment newsletter which you go with to focus on penny stocks or greater priced stocks. What I mean by this is that it should narrow its scope to targeting penny stocks or greater priced/more established stocks, one or the other. This is simply because it’s a fully different analytical process anticipating behavior for cheaper stocks which require less trading influence to send them skyrocketing or plummeting versus greater priced stocks which remain more static with less trading influence. I’ve had the best experiences over the years with newsletters which focus on one or the other, so keep that in mind.